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If you're an attorney involved with medical issues, you'll want to read my Tips for Attorneys below. Good stuff!

Great resources for attorneys at The National Library of Medicine!

Clinical practice guidelines are for attorneys too!

How to locate that on-point medical journal article you've got to have.

Google Scholar could help you find that elusive source.

Is that journal article peer-reviewed?

What? An authoritative medical textbook on the cheap?

MedMatters. For the case that's important enough to merit a professional job of medical literature research.

Expert Medical Literature Research for Attorneys
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Client comments:

Your work on the previous project was exceptional. D.S., Philadelphia, PA.

Exceeded expectations. Good work. C.H., San Antonio, TX.

Excellent, excellent, excellent! Thoroughly impressed. Outstanding....I'm only sorry that it took me 13 years of practice to find you! Your fees are reasonable, and your work is very thorough. Many thanks. D.M., Rockford, IL.

Exactly what we needed to bolster our case. S.W., Reading, PA.

I just want to tell you what a great, great, great job you did...If I lose, it sure ain't gonna be your fault. J.V., Philadelphia, PA.

Thank you for the timely and professional service. A.V., University, MS.

Your work product is superb, and your ability to focus on the issue at hand is a great asset to any attorney. M.T., Downingtown, PA.

I am grateful, as I always am, for your wonderful work...Thank you so much...You are going to be doing every bit of my medical research work. M.C., St. Charles, IL.

I enjoy working with you. Timely and on point. I.B., Philadelphia, PA.

You did such a great job last time, I'm excited to see what you find. S.M., Laguna Hills, CA.

Thanks for a good job. S.N., New York, NY.

*Please note: MedMatters does not research health information or alternative medicine for consumers. I provide my services exclusively for attorneys involved with medical issues as I have done since 1993, because that's what I do best.

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